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* 1 Standard drink equals to:
1 Pot of beer (12-ounces of beer) - 5% alcohol
1 Glass of wine (5-ounces of wine) - 17% alcohol
1 Shot of Spirit (1.5-ounces of distilled spirits) ~ 40% alcohol

Wine Alcohol Calculator

When you get together with your family and friends for parties or any formal occasion, alcohol is offered at most venues and get-togethers. As the evening progresses and more alcohol is consumed people tend to relax, loosen up a bit and enjoy the party more. However, a large amount of alcohol consumption may lead to drunkenness which delays your reflexes, as well as reduces your attention span, and can cause slurred speech. Because Alcohol contains ethanol, this can produce intoxication to the brain as a result causing you to become intoxicated. Too much alcohol can be addictive; known as Alcoholism. But alcohol can be ok because it can bring more liveliness and enjoyment to the crowd but only in moderation, too much alcohol can cause bodily damage both short and long term.

To prevent over consumption and being over the legal limit you must control your alcohol intake. Driving after consuming large amounts of alcohol can lead to accidents or even death. One way to avoid that is to watch the amounts you drink. The BAC or blood alcohol content is what the authorities measure to see how much you have consumed and if you pass the legal limit. The Blood Alcohol Calculator can compute and measure your BAC. Your BAC is computed according to the amount of grams per 100 milliliters of blood, or even in 210 liters of your breath.

Standard drink sizes consists of one 12oz of beer containing 5% alcohol, one glass of wine containing 17% alcohol, and one shot of condensed spirit containing 40% of alcohol. To figure your BAC you will need to enter how many drinks total you have consumed. Next you enter your gender and your weight and then it computes your BAC.

For example, if a male weighing 138 pounds drank wine that is equivalent to two standard drinks, then his BAC would be 0.0621% which is still legal in places like the US, UK and Canada. For a female having the same weight of the male above and consuming the same amounts, her BAC would then be 0.0725%. Because women have a lower tolerance than men, they would have a higher BAC.

A male weighing 158 and having drank four standard drinks, has a BAC of 0.1087% which is illegal in most places especially when you are driving. A female with the same weight and amount of alcohol consumed, she would have 0.1269% of BAC.

When you're BAC reaches anywhere from 0.06 to 0.10 can have several effects like dull feelings, lower depth perception, lower peripheral vision, extroversion. While BAC that rise up from 0.11 to 0.20 can have effects like boisterousness, lowered reaction time and reflexes, mood swings, over-expression. So basically, the less you weigh and the higher the amount of alcohol you consume, the higher your BAC will be which means the faster you get intoxicated or drunk.

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